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6th Great Lake gets new support
Wayne commission said to OK change for Lake St. Clair

Tenisha Mercer
The Detroit News

   HARRISON TOWNSHIP -- The push to make Lake St. Clair one of the Great Lakes took a baby step Tuesday.
   Macomb Water Quality Board Chairman Doug Martz sought support from the Wayne County Board of Commissioners and was told privately that he would get it. But first, a committee of the Wayne County board wants him to outline in a letter why the 420-square-mile lake should get the designation.
   The justification for the designation is that "4 1/2 million people get their drinking water from Lake St. Clair," Martz said. "It affects everyone in the region."
   Martz asked the Great Lakes Commission last month in Cleveland to recommend to Congress that the designation be approved. That way, federal grants could be obtained to cleanse polluted Lake St. Clair. The commission told him to build a coalition of support, with resolutions from communities, and to come back again next year.
   Supporters on record so far include St. Clair Shores and Belle River, Ontario. Officials from Harrison and Clinton townships expect to give their support soon, Martz said.
   Fisherman Bill Wilke of Harrison Township supports the idea.
   "Any help we can get with the lake the better," he said.
   Martz is planning a letter-writing campaign to the Macomb, Oakland and St. Clair boards of commissioners. Letters were drafted Tuesday, Martz said.
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