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The Watertown Times
Letter to Editor
Sault Star
Mark Mattson, Krystyn Tully

Dear Editor, "Donít stop seaway study" (September 26, 2002) raises a good question about opposition to the Great Lakes Navigation System Review: How could a study - a simple report - possibly hurt the Great Lakes? If the Government of Canada supports the GLNS, it means at least five years in which no harbours will be cleaned up, no alternative visions will be studied, and Great Lakes communities which need real economic investment will be ignored. All of this to discover what previous studies have already told us - expanding shipping capacity costs too much and gives too little. Buying into the GLNS would cost Canada millions of dollars. The project itself would cost billions.

As taxpayers and members off the Great Lakes community, we need to know that the money is well-spent and that we are investing wisely in our future. Unfortunately, an Army Corps of Engineers study could lack the dependability Canadians need to see in a project of this size. Projects similar to the GLNS have been singled out for criticism by the US Office of Management and Budget, the General Accounting Office, and the National Academy of Scientists, citing flawed cost-benefit analysis and lack of accuracy.

As Canadians, we should also be seriously concerned about supporting a project that will see business transferred from ports such as Halifax and Montreal to ports in the Midwest United States. Instead, we should be studying the real economy of the Great Lakes region, identifying future opportunities, and making wise investments that will support independent and healthy communities throughout the Great Lakes. We do not oppose the Great Lakes Navigation System Review because we oppose shipping or industry or trade.

We oppose the Great Lakes Navigation System Review because this project is simply the wrong vision for our communities.

Mark Mattson Great Lakes
Representative Waterkeeper Alliance Board of Directors

Krystyn Tully
Programs Director Lake Ontario Keeper 225 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 2M6 (Tel) 416.964.9223, ext. 242

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