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Julie Sibbing
National Wildlife Federation. 
Posted 10/02/2002

As early as Tuesday of next week, your representative is expected to vote on the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) -- a bill that as currently written could give the Army Corps of Engineers the green light for dozens of water projects that threaten both the environment and taxpayers wallets.
Fortunately, several representatives are expected to offer amendments to the bill that are intended to redirect the Corps towards a future of
environmental restoration, not environmental destruction.  Send an email to your representative directly from the NWF website at

Dear Friend of Wildlife:

As early as next Tuesday, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), a bill that, without fundamental reforms, could give the Army Corps of Engineers the go-ahead on dozens of water projects that would destroy critical wildlife resources and waste taxpayer dollars.

WRDA, which typically comes before Congress every two years, authorizes new U.S. Army Corps of Engineers water projects. It is also the legislative vehicle for implementing policy changes that determine the way the Corps plans and develops its projects. The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee recently passed a WRDA bill that fails to address the serious and well-documented flaws and weaknesses of the current Corps program. In fact, the committee's version of the bill serves up more of the same old pork barrel projects - $4 billion worth - that are responsible for destruction of much of America's wetlands, estuaries, coasts and rivers.

Thankfully, a few Representatives are willing to offer amendments to the bill, that if passed, will help reign in the Corps and redirect it towards
a future of environmental restoration, not environmental destruction.
However, it's up to the entire House to include these reforms in the final
WRDA bill to help prevent future projects from wasting tax dollars and
destroying our environment.

Your representative will have a small window of opportunity on the House floor to consider amendments to the WRDA bill that will help change the future direction of the Corps. Please contact your member today and urge him or her to support fundamental Corps reform amendments to the WRDA bill. These amendments are key to making the Corps a more fiscally and environmentally responsible agency.

Some of the key amendments the House may consider include:
*  Requiring independent review of Corps water resources projects by
outside experts;
*  Modifying the Corps' planning process to better account for
environmental impacts;
*  Establishing meaningful mitigation requirements to require the Corps to repair the environmental damage caused by its projects; and
*  Requiring the Corps to recognize the importance of wetlands when
developing projects.

You can reach your representative by calling the U.S. Capitol
Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Just ask to be connected to your representative's office. You can also send an email message directly to your representative from the NWF website at  Feel free to
personalize the suggested text!

Please let us know you took action by sending an email to
For more information on the NWF's efforts to "green" the Corps of Engineers
and for additional ways you can take action, go to:

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