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Great Lakes United Opposes Yucca Mountain Nuclear Dump


Dear Great Lakes United member organizations,

We are very happy and thankful about the GLU resolution in opposition to the Yucca Mountain, Nevada nuclear waste dump proposal that was passed unanimously at last weekend's GLU annual meeting. There is an additional opportunity for your individual organizations to express opposition to Yucca Mountain.

The US Senate will soon cast the ultimate vote on Yucca Mountain. WE NEED YOUR GROUP TO SIGN THIS NEW DOCUMENT NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU HAVE SIGNED OTHER THINGS OPPOSING YUCCA and we need you to help find other groups. It is vital that we have a very long list of groups from all 50 states! (Sorry Canadian friends, but as this is the US Senate we're targeting, we're keeping it to only US groups. Also, this group sign on is only for organizations. Individuals, whether US or Canadian, are encouraged to sign on in opposition to Yucca at The simple statement that Public Citizen and other groups put together is below. You can sign-on by replying to Include the name of the spokesperson for each group, group name and the city and state. We must have all groups that wish to sign contact us ASAP, ideally by the close of business Monday, June 17th, although we will still take sign on's up until the vote itself (looking like the end of June or early July).


Transporting 77,000 tons of high-level nuclear waste to a dump site at Yucca Mountain that cannot meet basic safety standards poses unacceptable threats to human health and the environment. Important scientific, ethical, environmental justice, and policy questions about the repository proposal remain unresolved, as identified in part by independent federal review agencies. The Department of Energy has not developed a credible transportation plan. The risks of shipping highly radioactive waste through 44 states to a questionable site, as currently proposed, cannot be justified.

We therefore oppose the Department of Energy's premature and technically unfounded Yucca Mountain recommendation. Thank you for all your work to STOP Yucca Mountain

Please forward this message on to your networks. Thank you! -- Mary Olson and Kevin Kamps for Nuclear Information & Resource Service in Washington, D.C. 202-328-0002 _____________________________

Margaret Wooster Executive Director Great Lakes United

Buffalo State College, Cassety Hall 1300 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, New York, 14222

Phone: (716) 886-0142 Fax: -0303

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