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New handbook helps activists dig in on pollution control permits Get your free copy today!

From Clean Water Network

Prairie Rivers Network, Clean Water Network, and River Network teamed up to create 'Permitting an End to Pollution: How to scrutinize and strengthen water pollution permits in your watershed'. This handbook guides activists through the process of reviewing and commenting on proposed permits with a focus on critical thinking and action.

Permitting an End to Pollution is based heavily on an Illinois-specific guide created by Rob Moore of Prairie Rivers Network. Rob created the guide to help his organization engage citizens in substantive review of NPDES permits. Our goal with this national version is to create a guide that will do the same thing for water activist groups across the country – helping create an army of citizens poised to demand better permits and cleaner water! This handbook is part of our TMDL Development and Implementation Toolkit. New, reduced pollution loads must be incorporated into polluter’s permits correctly and quickly if cleanup is to succeed. Handbook Table of Contents Chapter one: Getting involved with water pollution permitting Chapter two: Analyzing NPDES permits Chapter three: Participating in the permitting process Chapter four: Permits, the Clean Water Act, and how it all fits together Appendices: glossary, state NPDES contacts, and NPDES permit resources A PDF version of the handbook is available to download on line at

The online version also includes attachments (on issues like how to use EPA’s Permit Compliance System, how to submit at Freedom of Information Act request, and more) not found in the hard copy handbook. PLEASE NOTE: The chapter files are large and make take a long time to download. If this is a problem, request a free hard copy. Free hard copies are available for Network members by contacting Merritt Frey at or 208-345-7776. Please share your name and address as well as the number of copies you’re requesting.

This information is posted for nonprofit educational purposes, in accordance with U.S. Code Title 17, Chapter 1,Sec. 107 copyright laws.

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