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Free Software for Environmental Organizations and Activists
All of the following software is posted directly on the Great Lakes Directory
server. These are not links to external sites. Simply click on the
program of your choice and the download will begin!

***Winrar280: (620kb) This is a popular new format for compressing files for quicker download. If you do not have this application, download here.

***Text Maid v1.1: (680kb) Have you ever received an email that has been forwarded several times and wished you could remove all those annoying ">" characters and extra spaces from the beginning of each line? Maybe you would like to send or save a clean copy but do not have the time nor patience to clean up the text yourself. Well then, let Text Maid clean up the text for you! It also works for cleaning up cut and paste text from web pages.

***E-Fax: (370kb) (Software is on this disc. Go to to sign up for your fax number) This free service gives you a personalized fax number and the ability to receive faxes sent to that number in your email. If you need to have a hard copy of the fax, just send the document to your printer. For a small fee you can upgrade and have the ability to send faxes directly from your computer, as well.

***Mega-Calculator-Allercalc: (440kb) This computer calculator is a much more advanced and useful application than the electronic calculator that comes with Windows. Besides providing endless functions, it lets you see and edit everything you're calculating. This is useful when adding up long lists or performing complex calculations.

***Enviro-Convert: (140kb) Convert any type of measurement to another- weight, distance, size, energy, force, temperature, time, pressure, light, mass, etc., etc., etc. Even customize your own conversion for quick interpretation of filed data.

Great Lakes environmental information

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