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Great Lakes Article:

Bush administration announces beach plan
The Washington Times
April 20, 2004

Washington, DC -- The Bush administration has announced plans to protect and improve water quality at beaches across the United States.

Steps include putting the Environmental Protection Agency in charge of a Clean Beaches plan, providing grants to states for monitoring and setting federal water quality standards.

The BEACH Act of 2000 provides for federal standards if states and territories on the coasts and Great Lakes fail to update their own standards for water pathogens by April 10. Only 11 of the 35 states and territories have complied so far.

EPA standards in place since 1986 require monitoring of beach waters for e-coli and enterococci, more reliable indications of health risks to swimmers than the old standard of using fecal coliform bacteria.

The EPA plans to begin announcing grants in May, to announce its standards by June 30, to release technical guidelines by July 31 and to prepare a report on beach closings and advisories by Aug. 31.

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