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January - June 2008 Articles

04/19 - No live fire weapons drills on Lake Superior this year
04/19 -
Miller votes for reauthorization of the BEACH Protection Act
04/19 - Cass: Protect Great Lakes water from diversion
04/18 - Senator Dick Durbin Introduces Clean Cruise Ship Act
04/18 - Great Lakes watchers tracking fish populations
04/18 - Op-Ed: Water act hits stormy seas
04/17 - Environmental program weds classroom, service work
04/17 - Great Lakes under microscope
04/17 -
Dear Earth: How can we help you?
03/29 - Earth Voyager plans tour of Great Lakes
03/29 - Lt. Gov. Fisher raises possibility of Great Lakes water sales
03/29 - Changes In Lake Ontario Outflow Proposed
03/20 - Fighting to save Great Lakes is worth the effort
03/20 - New list tells you what Great Lakes fish to buy to help the environment
03/20 - Editorial: Canada needs environmental leadership role
03/19 - Blocked study draws attention to PCBs
03/19 - Op-Ed: Great Lakes Cleanup a Priority For Both Environmental and Economic Reasons
03/19 - Becker says help needed with Great Lakes
03/18 - Early tests: So far, Erie's water in the clear
03/18 - Lakes compact: State joins important water treaty
03/18 - Pollution, drugs in water require study, solutions to protect public health
03/17 - New York Joins Great Lakes Water Resources Compact
03/17 - Parks develop plan to keep virus out of Lake Superior
03/17 - Will take much nastier winter to get a rise out of Lake Huron
03/11 - Assembly rejects proposed vote on Great Lakes compact
03/11 - Cities need up to $20 billion for sewage treatment: report
03/11 - Doyle says he would call special session on Great Lakes Compact
03/10 - Event aimed at protecting surface water from drug residue
03/10 - EDITORIAL: Extend session until consensus reached on Great Lakes water
03/10 - Area utilities confident water supply is safe
03/09 - Steps taken to stop spread of invasive species
03/09 - State experts will be featured at global warming symposium
03/09 - No region untouched by climate change, study shows
03/08 - Getting rid of Asian carp a problem
03/08 - Drug disposal advocated for lake's sake
03/08 - Record snowpack should replenish low levels in Great Lakes
02/20 - Ballast water legislation pulled from House's docket
02/20 - DEP says report’s data on Great Lakes pollution outdated
02/20 - Energy2100: Making the Lakes Great
02/19 - Protect Great Lakes
02/19 - Great Lakes pact
02/19 - Protecting the Great Lakes
02/18 - Canada's water crisis 'escalating'
02/18 - Forum to explore Great Lakes Water Compact
02/18 - It's cold outside, but Lake Superior is getting warmer
02/17 - Lawmakers spar over lake waters
02/17 - Seaway authority to release plan to adjust water levels
02/17 - How to slow St. Clair flow still in question
02/10 - Global Warming & Great Lakes
02/10 - Lawmakers take on fish disease fight
02/10 - Reports suggest there's no time to waste in updating Great Lakes standards
02/09 - Disease risk high near toxic waters
02/09 - Dry areas eye Great Lakes water
02/09 - Activists fear new list could harm river cleanup efforts
02/08 - Great Lakes compact hits rough waters
02/08 - Editorial: Use science, not politics, to guard Great Lakes water
02/08 - Less ice on Lake Superior
02/07 - Compact touches off round of Capitol bickering
02/07 - Allegan County approves ban on phosphorus lawn fertilizer
02/07 - DEQ list of algae-plagued waters doesn't include Saginaw Bay
01/30 - EPA: Zebra mussels may increase beach muck
01/30 - Water power
01/30 - Water not a liquid asset

01/29 - Mayor optimistic on lake water
01/29 - Great Lakes lawmakers dangle electoral votes for promises of federal lakes protection
01/29 - Conservation group angry at how Indiana now tracks polluted waterways
01/28 - Congress must act to guard Great Lakes
01/28 - DNR reviewing Great Lakes dredging policies
01/28 - Wind power, yes, but also water power
01/27 - Half steps not good enough for lakes
01/27 - New Berlin studying water rate revision
01/27 - Great Lakes Suffer From Lower Water Levels
01/26 - More Great Lakes cleanup needed, some say
01/26 - Approve the compact and protect the Great Lakes
01/26 - Audit: U.S. lagging on Great Lakes toxins
01/25 - Bloody-red shrimp invades Great Lakes
01/25 - Great Lakes challenge
01/25 - USGS genetics research sheds light on Great Lakes’ fish virus
01/24 - Protecting the Great Lakes
01/24 - Stopping invasive species requires stricter policies
01/24 - New York Sea Grant websites to teach about Great Lakes
01/23 - Great Lakes restoration program gets funding
01/23 - An effort to get Wisconsin into the Great Lakes Compact
01/23 - Great Lakes' water quality remains a challenge
01/15 - Are invaders riding on ships' hulls?
01/15 - Proposal targets invasive species in the Great Lakes
01/15 - Lakes plan aims at invasive species
01/14 - Lawsuit claims FBI gun range pollutes Lake Michigan
01/14 - Ballast Rules Floated for Great Lakes
01/14 - World Wetlands Day north of Toronto at Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre
01/13 - City seeks ways to reduce road salt use
01/13 - Phosphorus debate goes to Lansing
01/13 - MNR reconsidering Great Lakes wind farm moratorium
01/12 - Voters Focus on Water in Great Lakes State
01/12 - Senate repairs nation’s most popular wetlands program
01/12 - Bills seeking to regulate diversion of Great Lakes water advance
01/05 - Governors to protect Great Lakes
01/05 - Great Lakes Compact likely to get Indiana OK
01/05 - Obey secures nearly $2 million for research on the Great Lakes









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