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Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement


"The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, originally signed in 1972 and renewed several times since, has been called the "north star" for government policies to restore and protect the Lakes. But in the last decade it's been more symbol than substance, as governments neglect the Lakes and work around the visionary language of the Agreement. The International Joint Commission has done a smart thing by creating an electronic bulletin board to let the public talk about how or whether the Agreement should be updated. Suggestion: follow the link below and tell the IJC that the goals of "zero discharge" of long-lasting toxic substances and restoring the biological, physical and chemical integrity of the Lakes are still relevant. What we need is not so much a new Agreement as governments with guts to pay attention to it." Dave Dempsey, author of "On the Brink: The Great Lakes in the 21st Century",

Great Lakes Forever

International Joint Commission: history on the Agreement and information on how people can participate via meetings, web forums, etc.

Alliance for the Great Lakes

Calendar of Public Hearings, How to Submit Comments, Etc.

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