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Brominated Flame Retardants


European National Policies on BFRs

California BFR Ban (bill text)

Maine BFR Ban (bill text)

The following states have enacted legislation banning the use of PentaBDE and OctaBDE at levels in excess of 0.1%:
California** effective January 1, 2006
Hawaii effective January 1, 2006
Illinois* effective December 31, 2005
Maine** effective January 1, 2006
Maryland** effective October 1, 2008
Michigan effective June 1, 2006
New York** effective January 1, 2006
* Illinois will also ban DecaBDE as of December 31,2007.
** California, Maine, Maryland, and New York are investigating the possibility of banning DecaBDE.

The following states have proposed but not yet enacted bills to ban the use of pentaBDE and octaBDE:
Connecticut***, Montana, Washington**, Minnesota**, Oregon***
** Minnesota and Washington have in addition proposed banning decaBDE as part of this legislation.
*** Connecticut and Oregon are investigating the possibility of banning decaBDE. (Note: This information was supplied courtesy of the Consumer Products Services Division of Bureau Veritas)

Corporate Policy:



Fact Sheets:

Flame Retardants: Alarming Increases in Humans and the Environment (2005);=document

Toxic Flame Retardants: An Emerging Public Health Threat (2004)


Body of Evidence: New Science in the Debate Over Toxic Flame Retardants and Our Health (2004)

Body of Evidence II: Latest Science on the Dangers of Deca-BDE in Consumer Products (2005)

Brominated Flame Retardants (a report on decaPBDEs to the Maine State Legislature) (2005) legislativereports/finalreport.doc

Brominated Flame Retardants: Rising Levels of Concern (2005);=document

Playing With Fire: The Growing Threat Presented by Brominated Flame Retardants Justifies Urgent Substitution (2003)

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