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Great Lakes Article:

Great Lakes Environmental Articles
November-December 2001

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12/31 - ACTION ALERT Enviro-assessment of off-highway vehicle plans (MN)
12/30 - Water as a weapon of war
12/30 - Great Lakes Habitat Watch (NY)
12/28 - Sustainable farming near Lake Superior (MN)
12/24 - Great Lakes Sustainable Waters Watch
12/23 - National battle looms over Great Lakes resource
12/23 - Pollution brings $25,000 fine (ON)
12/22 - Oneidas would swap casino for land claim (NY)
12/22 - Survey will count eagles (MI)
12/22 - Downriver gets wildlife haven (MI)
12/21 - IJC public hearings
12/21 - Hunter fears rights loss in Detroit wildlife refuge (MI)
12/21 - Greenways initiative to enhance region (MI)
12/20 - Summary of states' new wetland protection status
12/20 - Feds OK Lake Erie pipeline (PA)
12/20 - Antrim county ordinance boosts wetland protection (MI)
12/20 - Davies a big part of Lake Erie sturgeon rally (OH)
12/20 - No drilling in Finger Lakes forest (NY)
12/19 - Senate approves international wildlife refuge (MI)
12/19 - County seeks farm-sediment control funds (WI)
12/19 - Put-in-Bay top recipient of coastal lake funds (OH)
12/18 - Ecological disaster: Building boom threatens lakes (MN)
12/18 - Fox River PCB cleanup plan is inadequate (WI)
12/18 - Congress should be careful about farms it subsidizes (MI)
12/18 - Plan outlines disposal of toxics (ON)
12/18 - Arsenic found in Presqu Isle ponds (PA)
12/18 - Province overhauls hazardous waste policy (ON)
12/18 - 2001 the second warmest year on record
12/17 - Squabble threatens big Hydro projects (ON)
12/17 - Groveland faces water issues (MI)
12/17 - A sea of asphalt (MN)
12/16 - The demise of Heron Lake (MN)
12/16 - Study links air pollution and birth defects
12/16 - Drilling issue threatens aide (MI)
12/15 - Fox fish advisory understates risk (WI)
12/15 - Leaders to meet on the health of Detroit River (MI)
12/15 - Shoreline residents hit PCB plan (WI)
12/15 - Pollution from manufacturing declines (MN)
12/14 - Exxon to pay for illegally polluting waters (NY)
12/14 - Hydro sellof a 'disaster': Analyst (ON)
12/14 - Lakeland's asbestos mystery (MN)
12/13 - House panel opposes lake drilling (MI)
12/13 - Rare sturgeon in Lake Erie making comeback (OH)
12/13 - Beach strip trail essential to recreation and tourism (ON)
12/12 - IRRRB: $1.5 million committed to energy project (MN)
12/12 - Aquarium asks city, DEDA for money (MN)
12/12 - World unprepared for climate shift
12/12 - Recommendations on hydroelectric development to be released today (ON)
12/11 - Richmond, Lenox settle water dispute (MI)
12/11 - Rare bird has people flocking to Chequamegon Bay (WI)
12/11 - Ottawa's budget plan backwards, say ecologists (ON)
12/10 - Joining forces to conserve the land (MI)
12/10 - Fox River dredging plan could take 60 years (WI)
12/10 - Underwater cables would link Canada to US power grids (PA)
12/10 - Aerosol pollution could drain earth's water cycle
12/10 - Forum sparks debate about water saving (MI)
12/10 - Troy split over proposed environmental laws (MI)
12/9 - Ottawa to look at plan to restrict road salt (ON)
12/9 - Mourning dove legislation in disguise (MI)
12/9 - Popular anti-sprawl plan may expand
12/8 - Is our water hooked on drugs (ON)
12/8 - DNR approves deal for South Fox Island (MI)
12/8 - Tories to implement clear-cut plan (ON)
12/8 - Thirst for energy taps Great Lakes (MI)
12/7 - Fight for oil in Alaska may affect Great Lakes
12/7 - Environmentalists demand halt to aspen logging (MN)
12/6 - State says dioxane poses little threat to ground water (MI)
12/6 - Public health assessment on lakefront pollution (WI)
12/6 - Groups oppose land swap involving Lake Michigan Island (MI)
12/5 - Groundwater use (MI)
12/5 - US eyes province as fuel source (ON)
12/5 - Trash Deal Gets Tepid Okay (ON)
12/5 - Toronto to send all garbage to U.S.
12/4 - MDEQ revises clean-Michigan criteria (MI)
12/4 - Cold winter may stablilize water levels
12/4 - Aquarium Projects Sinking Income (MN)
12/4 - Ohio Beavers Increase Range
12/3 - Posthumus unveils his "Marshall Plan for Water" (MI)
12/3 - Leaving wild lands alone benefits people
12/2 - Port Clinton upbeat on waterfront proposals (OH)
12/2 - Beetles enlist to trim back loosestrife (WI)
12/2 - Lake Erie water levels falling in December (OH)
11/30 - Tribute to Alden Lind- Environmental champion (MN)
11/30 - Groups file challenge to Duluth-Wausau power line (WI)
11/30 - Action Alert: Apostle Islands- National Wilderness Preservation (WI)
11/30 - Qatar Clause could jeopardize world's clean water
11/30 - Farm Bureau supports funds for preservation (MI)
11/30 - Bill shows wildlife and property rights can get along (MI)
11/30 - Senators skeptical of bill banning diversion of boundary waters (ON)
11/29 - Rock Salt Supply Getting Scarce (OH)
11/29 - A close look at Hydro-One (ON)
11/28 - Environmentalists upset about parkland mining claims (ON)
11/28 - Whooping Cranes grounded by headwinds (WI)
11/28 - Riverfront casino failure gives land new life (MI)
11/28 - Lake Michigan Dunes younger than thought (IL)
11/28 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
11/27 - House passes bill to create Detroit River wildlife refuge (MI)
11/25 - Land-use proposals aimed at curbing urban sprawl (MI)
11/25 - Toronto playing catchup on waterfront plan (ON)
11/25 - Great Lakes drilling bad is good news (MI)
11/24 - Selling water in Michigan
11/23 - Preserving Lake St. Clair (MI)
11/23 - Time to recognize our own environmental sins
11/23 - A new lock at the Soo (MI)
11/22 - Builder wants stormwater rules revisited (MI)
11/22 - Tough Stance Needed to Protect Waterways (MI)
11/22 - Bill seeks dunes protection (MI)
11/21 - Lake Erie Levels at 35 Year Low (ON)
11/20 - Taxpayers to pick up Ott's mess (MI)
11/19 - Action Alert- Public Invited to Discuss State's Impaired Waters (MN)
11/19 - Experts say state is feeling climate change (MI)
11/18 - Tiny fish may be used to test toxicity of Great Lakes
11/18 - Botulism takes toll on loons (NY)
11/18 - New Drilling Ban Threatens State's Plans (MI)
11/17 - Akron's water rights questioned (OH)
11/16 - Action Alert- Protecting area freshwater (MI)
11/16 - State looks at passing "No Wake Zone" laws (PA)
11/16 - More water regulation urged to protect aquifers (MI)
11/16 - Spirit Mountain developers and foes seek compromise (MN)
11/16 - Recreational use suggested for dredging site (OH)
11/16 - Tribe using grant to improve fish hatchery (WI)
11/15 - Plan tackles worsening air pollution (ON)
11/15 - Groups sue U.S. to save Michigan rivers (MI)
11/15 - Lack of funding may close stream-flow gauges (IN)
11/15 - Donations dry up for Lake St. Clair cleanup (MI)
11/14 - Study says half of world's lakes are in peril
11/14 - Refining Plan for north shore sewer extension (MN)
11/13 - Program to remove mercury switches from vehicles (MN)
11/13 - $6 Million Project on Shoulders of Beverly Shores Residents (MI)
11/13 - Local environmental news briefs (MN)
11/13 - Billionaire Funds Hamilton Water Think Tank (ON)
11/13 - Ban wanted on imported Canadian trash (MI)
11/13 - President signs bill addressing Great Lakes Drilling
11/13 - Coalition seeks to fix global lake problem
11/13 - Lake Huron Fish Testing Under Fire (ON)
11/13 - Army Corps redefines wetlands mitigation
11/13 - Carbon trading market expands to Chicago (IL)
11/13 - Overusing manure fertilizer harms water
11/12 - Waterfront Plans on Table (ON)
11/12 - $12 Million renovation for Sterling State Park (MI)
11/12 - State Fails Mass Transit Study (MI)
11/11 - Adam's Mine Proposal Revived-Wear To Put the Trash? (ON)
11/11 - Lumberyard Environmentalist Views of Timber Industry (MI)
11/11 - Compensation claims could push E.coli tragedy to $100 million (ON)
11/11 - Forum offers insight into possible water war (OH)
11/11 - Warm weather keeps migratory birds away (WI)
11/10 - Local rivers and streams get failing grade (ON)
11/10 - Panel holds hearing on lakes' drilling ban (MI)
11/9 - Ministry Says Air Pollution Monitoring is Faulty (ON)
11/9 - Lake Erie Nature Facility Expands (OH)
11/9 - New IJC Appointee (MI)
11/8 - Whooping Cranes enjoying historic flight (WI)
11/8 - Public Gives Input on Peace Bridge Expansion (NY)
11/8 - Great Lakes Aquarium Continues to Suffer (MN)
11/7 - Insights on Shoreline Erosion (MI)
11/7 - Governor warns of need for regional water control (OH)
11/7 - Slant Drilling Draws Fire at Committee Meeting (MI)
11/7 - EPA seeks help on area water issues (PA)
11/6 - State doesn't want tribe to have water rights (WI)
11/6 - Bond approval will help solve water wells problem (IN)
11/6 - IJC seeks input on Lake Superior Plan (MI)
11/6 - Invasive Species and Dredging (MN)
11/5 - Cleanup plan for Lake St.Clair no longer forgotten (MI)
11/5 - Bay Group Reassesses Future (PA)
11/5 - Pickering Nuclear Reactor Reactivated (ON)
11/5 - Mohawk's Reservation fouled by PCB pollution (NY)
11/5 - No stopping polluters, report says (ON)
11/4 - Cooperation key to Great Lakes conservation (OH)
11/4 - Ecologists Battle Invasive Marsh Weed (MI)
11/3 - State gives tribe authority to regulate water (WI)
11/3 - Alien Invaders Coming to a Bay Near You
11/2 - Tracking Lake Erie Walley (OH)
11/2 - Residents plan rally protesting dredging (IN)
11/2 - Bill saves most of Oak Ridges Moraine (ON)
11/2 - 2 Year Moratorium on Great Lakes Drilling
11/2 - Environmentalists praise lakes drilling ban
11/1 - Gradual Changes Make EcoSystems Vulnerable
11/1 - Nature Conservancy Buys St. Louis River Land (MN)
11/1 - Congress poised to pass ban on oil drilling under Great Lakes
11/1 - Arsenic Drinking Water Standard Issued

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