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Great Lakes Article:

Great Lakes Environmental Articles
July-October 2001

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10/31 - Security tightened at region's nuclear power plants (WI)
10/31 - Birders delight in rare visitor from the north (PA)
10/31 - Water Levels in Great lakes Continue to Drop (NY)
10/31 - Endangered Sturgeon Making Comeback (OH)
10/31 - Ontario Smog Plan Doesn't Satisfy US Standards (ON)
10/31 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
10/30 - First Nation working with Hydro to creat energy (ON)
10/30 - Lake Erie pest may be trouble for anglers, fish (OH)
10/29 - Toxins linked to childhood behavior problems
10/29 - Decision Due on Pipeline Under Lake (NY)
10/29 - Ag Dept. Accused of Poor Pesticide Management w/ Area Waters (MN)
10/28 - State Senator- Slant drilling 'dead in Michigan' (MI)
10/28 - Study of high capacity wells' impact on environment (WI)
10/28 - Money Available for Lake Superior Projects (MN)
10/27 - $1.3 Million Granted for Lake Superior Monitoring (MN)
10/26 - Report from the International Joint Commission's public forum
10/25 - Bayfront Festival Park Plan Released (MN)
10/25 - Zebra Mussels still thrive in cool waters of Great Lakes (WI)
10/25 - Tribe will fish Lake Michigan (MI)
10/25 - Little River Band preparing comercial netting operations (MI)
10/24 - Protection effort for Western Lake Superior (ON)
10/24 - Zebra mussels die off in droves for unknown reason (MI)
10/24 - Ohio EPA Says Review of Its Work Is Flawed (OH)
10/24 - Village Faces Federal Deadline to Remove Radium from Water (IL)
10/23 - Exotic Species Invading US Waters at Rising Pace
10/23 - Dam no longer interrupts Baraboo River (WI)
10/23 - Great Lakes Commission Develops Plan (NY)
10/22 - Biggest Water Polluters Not Punished
10/22 - 1972 Law Saved Lake St. Clair Fisheries (MI)
10/22 - Increasing Security at Water Plants (MI)
10/21 - Tackle Acid Rain, new report urges (ON)
10/20 - Bulk Water Export Plan Dumped (ON)
10/20 - Senate delays vote on Great Lakes Drilling (MI)
10/20 - ACTION ALERT- Fox River Cleanup (WI)
10/20 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
10/19 - Mackinaw Wilderness Beach Park set to open in 2003 (MI)
10/19 - Zebra Mussels Wipe Out Key Link In Food Chain (MI)
10/19 - New Exotic Species Discovered in Lake Superior (WI)
10/18 - Dunes National Lake Shore receives $2.6 million (IN)
10/18 - Zebra Mussels move into MI's UP
10/18 - Scientists Using Satellites to track Canada geese (MI)
10/18 - Ottawa Controversy Over Toxic Road Salt (ON)
10/18 - Brownfields Cry out for Funding (ON)
10/17 - Great Lakes Aquarium has disappointing year (MN)
10/17 - PCB Fish Impair Memory, Learning
10/17 - Coalition Battles Great Lakes Oil Drilling (MI)
10/17 - Torch Lake Cleanup Taking Place (MI)
10/16 - Engler names ex-aide director of Office of Great Lakes (MI)
10/15 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
10/15 - Lake Concerns in Raised (ON)
10/15 - Bills would allow more land preservation (MI)
10/15 - Containing Agricultural Runoff- (ON)
10/15 - Oil Man Wants Chance to Drill Beneath Lake Michigan (MI)
10/14 - National Steel Corp. Sued for Foul Air (MI)
10/13 - Lake Superior Views Part of Duluth City Plan (MN)
10/12 - Corps picks option to fix algae problem (NY)
10/12 - Study says E. coli levels unpredictable (WI)
10/12 - Perrier plan spurs call for water limits (MI)
10/11 - Bottling Ice Bergs
10/11 - Walpole sting nets numerous waterfowl charges (MI)
10/11 - Worse Air Could Result in More Regulation (MN)
10/10 - E.coli reamins problem at area beaches (OH)
10/10 - Report: Billions of Gallons of Sewage Enters State Waterways (MI)
10/10 - Exotic Species- Prevention is focus above cure
10/10 - Powerline Wins Council's Permit (MN)
10/9 - Army Corps- Wetlands Protection Waning
10/9 - Global Ban on Toxic Ship Paint Agreed
10/9 - Ban on Drilling in Lakes Sought (MI)
10/8 - Senator Wants Public Input on Great Lakes (MI)
10/8 - Altered Traits Found in Fish (MN)
10/8 - Michigan-Great Lakes Task Force Invites Public Opinion
10/7 - Researchers Track Hormone-Disrupted Fish (MN)
10/7 - Some call for water law to protect state water resources (MI)
10/7 - Wisconsin- DNR Considers 90% Mercury Reduction
10/6 - Ohio to provide grants for Lake Erie projects
10/6 - Wisconsin-Great Lakes Water Safe to Drink, Not to Swim
10/5 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
10/5 - Canada Commissioner- A Plea to Clean-up Great Lakes (ON)
10/5 - Study reveals Erie shoreline lacks identity (OH)
10/5 - Great Lakes health gets mixed results in environmental study
10/5 - Exotic Fish in the Great Lakes
10/5 - Public Service Commission Opposes Mercury Rules (WI)
10/5 - State Park in Erie gets $25 million (PA)
10/4 - Powerline Battle Goes to Vote (MN)
10/4 - Cut Pollution, Save Billions Report Says
10/4 - Alternative Methods of Silt Removal (MI)
10/4 - DNR Veto Kills Wisconsin Forest Funds(WI)
10/4 - Canada Struggles With Species At Risk Law
10/4 - Ladybug Infestation Prompted by Aphid Infestation
10/4 - Paper Companies Fined $308 million for Fox River Cleanup (WI)
10/4 - Keweenaw land deal hits snag over minerals (MI)
10/3 - State looking to buy 6,000 scenic UP acres (MI)
10/3 - Environmentalists wary of EPA's limits on Dredging
10/3 - Indiana- Hoosier Riverwatch Trains Water Quality Volunteers
10/3 - Ontario- Environment Comm. says Millions at Risk from Polluted Great Lakes
10/3 - Commissioner Throws Water on Ottawa's Lakes Cleanup
10/3 - High Mercury Levels in Milwaukee Rain
10/3 - Scientists say Great Lakes are Cleansing Themselves
10/3 - Duluth Council Faces Powerline Debate
10/3 - Michigan- Conservation Group Pushes to Save Island for the American Lotus
10/2 - Ontario Environment Commissioner Wants to Cleanup Act
10/2 - Ohio outbid for slice of Kelleys Island Site
10/2 - Ohio- Erosion of Lake Erie Land
10/2 - Park Service to Prepare Isle Royale EIS (MI)
10/2 - Court rejects clean air status for Cincinnati
10/2 - Environmentalists Call Government to Enact Moraine Recommendations (ON)
10/2 - Indiana- White River Fish Kill Settled for $14 Million
10/1 - Wisconsin- Final Fox River Cleanup Plan Detailed
9/30 - Abundant waterfowl flights expected (PA)
9/30 - Tagged Sturgeon May Provide Key Population Information (MI)

9/30 - Wisconsin- Debate Rages Over Mercury Contamination
9/30 - Pennsylvania- State Buys Drive In Property
9/30 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
9/30 - Minneapolis Bans Most Uses of Phosphorus Fertilizers
9/30 - Michigan- Residents favor cleanup plan for Shelby Lake
9/29 - IJC Will Study Waterflow Out of Lake Superior
9/29 - Harbor Clean-up Project Hits Bay City (MI)
9/28 - Report puts $4 billion value on water export (ON)
9/28 - States get $16 million for endangered species
9/28 - River release to provide key population information in Michigan
9/28 - Saw Bills Flock to Shores of Lake Erie (MI)
9/28 - Detroit Foundation aims to clean, recycle contaminated land
9/28 - Detroit Shore to Be Restored
9/27 - Northern WI Tribe Retains Authority to Regulate Water
9/27 - Lack of Rain, Too Much Consumption Causing Water Shortages (PA)
9/27 - Sturgeon Suffering in Great Lakes Region
9/27 - Groups Oppose Increased "Pay-to-Play" Laws on National Forests (MN)
9/27 - Fishermen Being Heavily Fined for Overharvesting Lake Erie Perch (OH)
9/27 - Toronto's Oak Ridges Moraine Could Be Protected
9/26 - Wisconsin Cities Tackle Water Supply Questions
9/26 - Lansing, MI Area Begins Capping Wells to Protect Groundwater
9/26 - Toronto's $12 Billion Waterfront Plan Trapped at City Hall
9/25 - Michigan Anti-drilling Bill Goes Forward
9/24 - Clean Water Supplies Are Growing Concern
9/24 - Michigan Conservation Groups Unite
9/23 - Eurasian Milfoil Infest 11 More Minnesota Lakes
9/23 - Minnesota Wilderness Fire Plans Renewed
9/22 - Whooping Cranes Grounded By FAA Restrictions (WI)
9/21 - Michigan House Girds for Battle on Great Lakes Drilling
9/21 - Detroit Increases Toxic Drinking Water Tests
9/21 - State To Help for Tannery Bay Clean-up (MI)
9/21 - MI Senate Temporarily Rejects Great Lakes Drilling
9/20 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
9/20 - Raw Sewage Flowing Into Lake Ontario Near Kingston
9/19 - Public Aid Supports Potental Keweenaw Purchase (MI)
9/19 - Anishinabe Walkers Complete Great Lakes Migration Journey
9/18 - Terrorism May Reduce Funding for Michigan Sewer Repair
9/18 - Asian Longhorned Beetles Active in New York
9/18 - Wisconsin Ethanol Plant May Affect Water Supply
9/17 - Rare Whooping Crane Dies at Wisconsin Refuge
9/16 - Western New York Cleans Up Beaches
9/16 - MN BWCA is Changing With or Without Fire
9/12 - Great Lakes Clean-up Gets Mediocre Grade
9/11 - Canadian Water Standards Group Underfunded
9/11 - Regular Public Beach Testing Proposed (MI)
9/10 - Tribe Questions Navy's ELF Project (WI)
9/10 - Lakes and Forests Not Recovering From Acid Rain
9/10 - Heat Takes Toll on Zebra Mussels (NY)
9/10 - Getting Tough on Polluted Runoff (WI)
9/9 - Agency Nears Decision to Drill Under Lake Michigan (MI)
9/9 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
9/7 - 30 Years After Clean Water Act- Nation's Waters Still Suffering (WI)
9/5 - Utilities Criticize Wisconsin DNR Plan to Reduce Mercury Emissions
9/5 - Most Consumers Can't Tell Difference Between Bottle and Tap Water
9/5 - Feds Say Ohio EPA Is Not Doing Its Job
9/4 - Wisconsin Water Pollution Rules Under Ag Attack
9/4 - Environmental Problems With Dams(WI)
9/4 - Michigan Counties Struggle to Protect Rare Wetlands
9/3 - New Canadian Mine Effluent Standards Called a Wash-out
9/3 - Scientists Worry About Lake Erie Perch (PA)
8/31 - Great Lakes has Stake in Pacific Salmon (MI)
8/30 - Zebra Mussels Continue Southward Spread (PA)
8/30 - Campfires and Fireplaces Effecting Great Lakes
8/30 - Botulism in Lake Erie Fish Could Have Drastic Effect on Birds (NY)
8/29 - Research Finds Radio Waves Kill Zebra Mussels
8/29 - Botulism Detected in Dead Lake Erie Birds and Fish (NY)
8/29 - New MI Laws Would Allow More Secrecy Regarding Toxic Emissions
8/28 - Canadian Geese Numbers are Becoming a Problem (MN)
8/26 - King Salmon Found in Lake (NY)
8/24 - Toledo Port Authority Pushes for St. Lawrence Seaway Expansion (ON)
8/22 - Canada May Be Forced To Export Great Lakes Water In Crisis- NAFTA (ON)
8/22 - New Government Zebra Mussel Study Launched
8/22 - Underwater Forest Could Provide Clues To History of Great Lakes (MI)
8/22 - Lake Michigan Water Tap Could Cost $52 Million (WI)
8/22 - Getting Rid of Smelly Algae (ON)
8/21 - Wetlands Ability to Store Greenhouse Gas
8/19 - EPA Says Zooplankton to Blame For Lake Superior Globs (MN)
8/18 - Lake Superior at Risk if Drilling Moratorium Ends (MI)
8/17 - West Nile Virus in Ontario (ON)
8/16 - Michigan Issues Permits for Perrier Wells
8/16 - UVM Research Finds Fish Eating Zebra Mussels
8/16 - Great Lakes Worms Getting Scarce (MI)
8/15 - Deaths of Lake Erie Fish Puzzle Scientists(NY)
8/10 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
8/6 - European Paper Wasp Invades Great Lakes
8/2 - Zebra Mussels Continue To Spread (WI)
8/1 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
7/26 - Black Bear Hunting Increased (MN)
7/15 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
7/5 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
6/28 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)
6/15 - Local Environmental News Briefs (MN)

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