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Activist Toolkit
  • Phone, write, e-mail, and/or visit your elected representatives to voice your concerns about the environment. Addresses can be found at Address Directory -- Politicians Of The World
  • Information on elected representatives in the United States of America:
    • White House comment line: (202) 456-1111
    • Contact information for the President:
      Phone: (202) 456-1414
      Fax: (202) 456-2461
      Address :
      The White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Washington, DC 20500
    • E-mail for Vice-President:
    • Contact information for your congress members: Contacting The Congress -- click on the "Bio" button next to your elected representative
    • Quick access to e-mail addresses for congress members: Find Your Representatives
    • Contact information for Congressional Committees and Subcommittees: Contacting the Congress - Congressional Committees and Subcommittees
    • Toll-free phone number for reaching your Senator or Congress person: 1-877-722-7494.
    • Find out what issues are on the congressional floor at this moment and how your congress members are voting
  • Other helpful sites for U.S. citizens:
    • League of Conservation Voters web site (find out how your representatives voted on environmental issues)
    • Thomas - Legislative Information on the Internet (keep up on day-to-day legislative activities)
    • Audubon's tips on contacting a member of congress.
    • Capital Hill Basics.
    • Using the Freedom of Information Act -- A Step-by-Step Guide

Section I: General Resources for Activists

  • Mailing List Directory (locates email lists)
  • Directory of Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (PAML)
  • MediaChannel
  • Glossary of Internet Terms
  • Web Interface to Whois (at Network Solutions)
  • HTML Editors
  •'s HTML guide
  • All About the Web (W3 Consortium)
  • Use the META Tag

Section II: Articles on Internet Activism

  • Nonprofit and Watchdog Groups Work the Net (You will be prompted for login/password to NY Times's site. Free subscription.)
  • The Online Activist

Zip Code Finder/ Address Completer:

The Environmental Protection Agencies Environmental Product Database

Comprehensive national and international daily environmental news:

Enter your zip code and find out what pollutants are being released in your community.

State Legislators Email Addresses

The Environmental Protection Agencys (EPA) Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) is a publicly available EPA database that contains information on specific toxic chemical releases and other waste management activities reported annually by certain covered industry groups as well as federal facilities.

EPAs free interactive software downloads. Just pick an issue and a topic and explore!

Everything you need to know about your local environment. Just enter your zip.

A multi-environmental organizational analysis of consumer electronic products on the market today.

Calculate your ecological impact with a few short questions.

Find out the amount of pollution you create in your daily use of electricity.

COMMUNITY WASTE PREVENTION TOOLKIT - From INFORM. An interactive, on-line resource designed to help community leaders, grassroots environmental organizations, and policymakers implement cost-effective programs that reduce the amount and toxicity of materials entering the waste stream. See

PAPER CALCULATOR - Sponsored by Environmental Defense, the US Postal Service, and the US EPA. Allows you to calculate average energy and wood consumption and environmental releases across the full "life cycle" of five major grades of paper and paperboard. Compare the environmental impacts of papers made with different levels of post-consumer recycled content.


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